Fig. 13.8 v-lnpf of the values tabulated in Table 13.1.

The projection of the critical state line on to the v-p' plane is unfortunately curved but if we consider the projection on to the v: In p' plane we obtain a straight line with a slope that can be assumed to be equal to the slope of the normal consolidation line.

The values for Pf are tabulated in Table 13.1 and it is a simple matter to obtain a set of lnp'f values so that a v-lnp^ plot can be obtained. Figure 13.8 shows the v-lnp^ plot for Parry's results from Table 13.1.

If we use the symbol T (capital gamma) to represent the value of v which corresponds to a In p' = 0 (i.e. a p' value of unity, usually taken as 1.0kN/m2) then the equation of the straight line projection is:

which can be written as:

+1 0

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