Site Investigation and Ground Improvement

A site investigation, or soil survey, is an essential part of the preliminary design work on any important structure in order to obtain information regarding the sequence of strata and the ground water level, and also to collect samples for identification and testing. In addition a site investigation is often necessary to assess the safety of an existing structure or to investigate a case where failure has occurred.

British Standard Code of Practice BS5930, Site investigations, lists the following as the main objects of a site investigation:

(i) to assess the general suitability of the site for the proposed works;

(ii) to enable an adequate and economic design to be prepared;

(iii) to foresee and provide against difficulties that may arise during construction due to ground and other local conditions;

(iv) to predict any adverse effect of the proposed construction on neighbouring structures.

Site investigations are also generally required for the investigation of the safety of an existing structure and for the investigation of a structural failure that has taken place.

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