Note As <70Ct is also the mean value of the three principal stresses of the applied stress system, then <70Ct — ap.

Application to the triaxial test

The stress systems applied in the triaxial test have already been discussed:

The compression test: <71 > <72 = 03 or > o'2 = o'3 The extension test: ctj < 02 — 03 or a\ < <r'2 = ct'3

The Mohr circle diagrams for the tests are illustrated in Fig. 3.25.

Representing <71 by the symbol oa and representing <72 and <73 by the symbol or the plane O01A is designated as 0<7aA and its normal view is shown in Fig. 3.36b. On this diagram values of cra and <7a appear to a normal scale but the projected values of err and a'x scale \/2ffr and \/2rr'r respectively. The two t

Octahedral plane

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