Corrosion protection

Structural steelwork should be protected from corrosion. For different parts of the steelwork in a single-storey building this may be achieved as follows:

(a) Steelwork integral with external cladding and that which is not readily accessible for inspection and maintenance Concrete encasement, or high-quality corrosion protection (i.e. galvanizing and bituminous paint, etc). IStructE/ICE Steelwork manual 59


portals post-and-pitched truss post-and-lattice girder spacing, m span, m

(b) Internal steelwork

A protective system commensurate with the internal environment.

(c) External steelwork

A protective system commensurate with the external environment.

For different environments and for more detailed advice reference should be made to subsection 3.6, to BS 5493" and to pamphlets published by BSC, BCSA, ZDA and Paintmakers Association.

The preparation of steel surfaces prior to painting has a crucial effect on the life of the paint system and should be carefully specified.

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