Characteristic actions Fk

Representative actions Frao

Design actions F„

Design effect of actions Ed weight densities

Geometrical parameters Nominal dimensions

ft strength

YM 1

Design dimensions aa

Calculation model

Characteristic resistance R,


Material properties Characteristic material properties Xk rtjur d test jits 7

Design resistance R^


Test results Test results

Measured resistances Rm mean minimum

Lower resistance

13.7.3 Design Approach 2

As discussed in Chapter 6, the philosophy of Design Approach 2 is to check reliability by applying partial factors to actions or action effects and to resistance, while ground strengths (when used) are left unfactored. This philosophy requires no amendment when used to design pile foundations.

Design Approach 2 employs factors from Sets A1, M1, and R2, as illustrated in Figure 13.11. The factors in Set M1 are all 1.0 (and hence strengths are unfactored) and tolerances Aa are not routinely applied to dimensions.

Numerical values of the partial factors for Design Approach 2 are:

Design Approach 2

A1 Ml

0 0

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