Contents of the Eurocode

Eurocode - Basis of structural design2 is divided into six sections and four annexes (A-D), as shown in Figure 2.1. In this diagram, the size of each segment of the pie is proportional to the number of paragraphs in the relevant section.

Figure 2.1. Contents of the Eurocode

EN 1990 describes the basis for the design and verification of buildings and civil engineering works, including geotechnical aspects, and gives guidance for assessing their structural reliability (see Figure 2.2). It covers the design of repairs and alterations to existing construction and assessing the impact of changes in use. Because of their special nature, some construction works (such as nuclear installations and dams) may need to be designed to provisions other than those given in EN 1990.


Principles arid requirements describes basis for

Scope of EN 1990

* Design and verification

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