E Q sin a

i where b is the breadth of slice 'i'; u the pore water pressure; c' the effective cohesion; 9 the angle of shearing resistance along the base of that slice; and the other variables are as defined earlier.

Note that, if 9 is set to zero and c' to cu throughout, this equation reduces to that given earlier for the Conventional Method based on total stresses (see Section 9.5.1):

9.5.4 Eurocode 7 implementation of Bishop's Routine Method

As discussed above, verification of strength according to Eurocode 7 involves demonstrating that design effects of actions Ed are not greater than the corresponding design resistance Rd. i.e.:

E, Mm E. < R or —- = —^ = AGEO < 1 d~ d Rd Md GEO -

d Rd where the ratio of the moments AGEO (called the 'degree of utilization' in Chapter 6) is given by:

0 0

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