Execution of geotechnical works

'The remit of CEN/TC 288 is the standardization of the execution procedures for geotechnical works (including testing and control methods) and of the required material properties... [these documents have] been prepared to stand alongside [Eurocode 7]... [they provide] full coverage of the construction and supervision requirements.'1

15.1 The work of CEN TC 288

The 'execution standards' comprise a suite of twelve European standards, published over the period 1999 to 2007, which provide detailed guidance about construction and supervision of 'special geotechnical works'2 (see

Figure 15.1. Overview of the geotechnical execution standards

Figure 15.1). Several of these standards (ENs 1536, 1537, 12063, 12699, and 14199) are referenced explicitly in EN 1997-1: 2004, the others were in preparation at the time Eurocode 7 was written and hence are not mentioned explicitly.

All of the execution standards follow a common list of contents, illustrated in Figure 15.2. The most significant sections amongst these are the ones dealing with materials and products; execution; supervision, testing, and monitoring; and records.

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