Footings subject to horizontal actions

For a spread foundation subject to horizontal actions, Eurocode 7 requires the design horizontal action Hd acting on the foundation to be less than or equal to the sum of the design resistance Rd from the ground beneath the footing and any design passive thrust Rpd on the side of the foundation:

which is merely a re-statement of the inequality:

Ed - Rd discussed at length in Chapter 6. Rather than work in terms of forces, engineers prefer to use shear stresses, so we will re-write this inequality as:

TEd - TRd where TEd is the design shear stress acting across the base of the footing (an action effect) and TRd is the design resistance to that shear stress.

Figure 10.7 shows the footing from Figure 10.4 subject to characteristic horizontal actions HGk (permanent) and HQk (variable), in addition to characteristic vertical actions VGk (permanent), VQk (variable), and WGk (permanent).

Figure 10.7. Horizontal actions on a spread foundation

10.5.1 Effects of actions

The characteristic shear stress TEk shown in Figure 10.7 is given by:

0 0

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