c c'd + CT'nd x tan(<d) Design shear resistance TRd =-= 22.9 kPa

Verification of strengths against sliding

Verification of strengths against sliding

Accidental Design Situation - all Design Approaches Design situation

Re-consider the slope from above. Owing to extensive flooding, the groundwater level rises to a height hw = H = 5m above the soil/rock interface. This is regarded as an Accidental Design Situation. © Actions and effects

Yw x hw

Pore pressure ratio ru =-= 0.49

Characteristic values at soil/rock interface:

Pore water pressure Uk =-= 46.2 kPa

Normal effective stress ct' nk = CTnk - uk = 48 kPa Shear stress from soil t^ = ^vkx sin(p) x cos(p) = 23.5kPa Partial factor for accidental situation yg = 1 Design normal effective stress ct' nd = yg x ct' nk = 48 kPa Design shear stress t^ = Yg x T^k = 23.5 kPa

Material properties and resistance

Characteristic resistance parallel to rock surface, per unit area of slope

Partial factors for accidental situation Ym = 1 , Yc = 1 , and YRe = 1

Design angle of shearing resistance ^d = tan tan w v > y

Design effective cohesion c'd --- 2kPa yc

Partial factor for accidental situation c'd + CT'nd x tan(d)

Design shear resistance tRd =-= 24.4 kPa yRe

Verification of strength against sliding

Degree of utilization is a,

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