Two-storey basement

Design situation

The building considered above is now required to have a two-storey basement with depth D = 7.5m.


The characteristic water pressure acting on the underside of the basement is uk = Ywx D = 73.6 kPa, giving a resultant destabilizing action underneath the kN

basement of UGk = ukx B = 1324-. Characteristic actions from the kN

super-structure remain WGk sup = 540-(permanent) and m kN

QQk sup = 270-(variable). The characteristic self-weight of the two kN

floors is now WGk f = 2tf x (B - 2tf) x Yck = 218.8-, resulting in a total m kN

weight of sub-structure WGk sub = WGkw + WGk f + WGkb = 528-.

Hence the total self-weight of the building is now kN

WGk = WGk,sup + WGk,sub = 1068~. Effects of actions kN

The destabilizing vertical action is Vd dst = Yg dst x UGk = 1456.8-and m kN

the stabilizing vertical action Vd stb = Yg stb x WGk = 960.8-.

Material properties Are unchanged.


The average vertical effective stress down the basement wall is:

The characteristic resistance along the basement walls is given by:

0 0

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