Supervision, monitoring, S maintenance requirements


Figure 16.6. Contents of the Geotechnical Design Report

Items which the GDR should normally contain include the design values of soil and rock properties, with justification as necessary (assumptions); descriptions of the site and its surroundings, ground conditions, and the proposed constructions including actions (data); statements about the codes and standards applied (methods of calculation); and statements about the suitability of the site with respect to the proposed construction and acceptable risks, geotechnical design calculations and drawings, and recommendations for foundation design (results of verification). The GDR should refer back to the Ground Investigation Report, where appropriate.

The supervision, monitoring, and maintenance requirements for a project must be included in the GDR and an extract of those requirements must be given to the project owner. This is similar to what we expect when we buy a car from a reputable dealer: we are provided with an owner's manual that specifies the care and attention that our car needs in order to give us a satisfactory performance in the future (happy motoring).

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