Inspection and control

Limited to inspection, simple quality controls, & qualitative assessment of structure's performance

Often requires measurements of ground properties or behaviour of structures

Additional measures required during each significant construction stage

Checking ground conditions (soil and rock)

Site inspection, determining soil/rock types within zone of influence, recording descriptions of soil/rock exposed in excavations

Check geotechnical properties; additional SI may be needed; recover representative samples to determine index properties, strength, and deformability

Further investigations and examination of details of ground or fill conditions important to the design

Checking groundwater conditions

Based on previously documented experience or indirect evidence

Direct observations if construction method or structure's performance greatly affected

Checking construction

Formal construction schedule not normally included in GDR (construction sequence normally decided by contractor)

GDR may give construction sequence envisaged in the design

Evaluation of performance (monitoring)

Simple, qualitative, and inspection-based

Measurements of movements of selected points on structure

Measurement of displacements and analyses, accounting for construction sequence

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