4.5.2 Quality classes

Quality classes are provided to define the quality of samples required to allow the satisfactory measurement of soil and rock properties. The measurement of deformation characteristics is limited to Class 1 samples with strength predominantly from Class 1 samples but, for some soils, Class 2 samples may be used. Class 5 samples may only be used for identifying soil type and sequence of layers.

4.5.3 Applicability of sampling to obtain parameters

EN 1997-2 provides guidance on the applicability of Category A to C sampling methods to obtain geotechnical parameters, as summarized in the table below. When considering the sampling method it is also important to understand that the same sampling method may not be capable of producing samples of sufficient quality in all soils. Thus a Category A sampler may only produce Class 2 samples in some soils.

Applicability of sampling category to obtain parameters

Sampling method and


Soil or rock type

0 0

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