Verification to BS EN 1997-1

The UK National Annex to BS EN 1997-1 increases the value of the partial factor for destabilizing actions to yg dst = 1.1. The design destabilizing kNft vertical action is then increased to: Vd dst = Yg dstx UGk = 922.6-w kN

The design stabilizing vertical action is Vd stb = Yg stb WGk = 839.8-

The degree of utilization is

The design is unacceptable ifthe degree of utilization is > 100%

The degree of utilization is

Re-design to BS EN 1997-1

To obtain a satisfactory design to BS EN 1997-1, we need to increase the depth of ballast to hf = 2.6m. Its self-weight is then given by:

0 0

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