(assuming a plan area A = lm ) Sk = yw x ikx d x A = 9.2 kN

The characteristic submerged weight of the downstream side of the cutoff is: G'k =(yk - yw) x d x A = 31kN

Effects of actions

Partial factors on destabilizing and stabilizing permanent actions are YG.dst = 1-35 and YG,stb = 0.9 respectively.©

The design destabilizing pore water pressure is:

ud,dst = YG,dstx uk = 54.8kPa The design stabilizing vertical total stress is: CTd,stb = YG,stb x CTk = 562 kPa

The design seepage force is Sd dst = Yg dstx Sk = 12.4 kN The design submerged weight is G'd stb = Yg stb x G'k = 27.9 kN

Verification of stability against hydraulic heave using EN 1997-1 exp. 2.9(a)

The degree of utilization is a

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