2010 March

Figure 1.3. Timetable for production of the EN Eurocodes

Figure 1.4 and Plate 4 (in the colour section) show the connections between Eurocode 7 and its associated standards, overlaid on the mainline railway map for Great Britain. Running east to west (in green on Plate 4) are the ten EN Eurocodes developed by CEN's TC (Technical Committee) 250, as discussed earlier in Section 1.1. (See Section 1.3.2 for discussion of CEN.)

Figure 1.4. Connections between Eurocode 7 and associated European and international standards (based on the National Rail schematic map, ©Association of Train Operating Companies). See Plate 4 for colour version.

Running north-west to south-east (in blue on Plate 4) are the seven geotechnical investigation and testing standards developed jointly by ISO's TC 182 and CEN's TC 341, which are discussed in detail in Chapter 4. (See Section 1.3.1 for discussion of ISO.)

Finally, travelling north to south along the east coast of Britain (in red on Plate 4) are the twelve execution standards developed by CEN's TC 288, which are discussed in detail in Chapter 15.

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