Values in (brackets) interpolated

Values in (brackets) interpolated

The Eurocode 7 rules that allow the correlation factors for static load tests and ground tests to be reduced by 10% when designing piles in groups still apply, as do the rules for adjusting the factors for dynamic impact tests if signal-matching or pile-driving formulae are used (see Section 13.9.1).

Note that, when designing piles by testing on the basis of static load tests, the relevant partial resistance factors to use are those for preliminary tests (i.e. Yb = 1.7 and ys = 1.4 for replacement piles or Yb = 1.5 and ys = 1.3 for displacement piles - see Section 13.11.1).

Figure 13.17 shows the variation in the correlation factors specified in the UK National Annex with the number of tests performed. Not only are the values larger than the ones in EN 1997-1, they also follow a smoother progression with the number of tests.

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