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Without the arrow, Mathcad assumes you want the matrix dot-product, as follows:

Each worked example concludes with a calculation of the degree ofutilization,

A, which is discussed in Chapter 2. This parameter represents the proportion of the available design resistance Rd (or stabilizing design effects of actions

Edstb) that is needed to counteract the design effect of actions Ed (or destabilizing design effects of actions Ed,dst):

lxd d ,stb

Provided A does not exceed 100%, the design meets the requirements of Eurocode 7, i.e.

(as discussed in Chapter 2).

The worked examples are annotated with numbers O, ©, ©, etc., where the numbers refer to the notes that accompany each example. These notes attempt to explain key decisions made in the calculations, values that have been taken from Eurocode 7, and any inconsistencies or uncertainties in the application of the standard.

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