Partial factors for actions (and effects) in accidental design situations should normally be taken as 1.0 and partial resistance factors (and presumably partial material factors) should be selected according to the particular circumstances of the accidental situation. [en 1997-1 §]

6.3 Design approaches

During the development of Eurocode 7, it became clear that some countries wanted to adopt a load and material factor approach to the verification of strength (see Section 6.4.2), while others preferred the load and resistance factor approach (see Section 6.4.3).

To accommodate these differing wishes, a compromise was reached whereby each country could choose - through its National Annex - one (or more) of three design approaches that should be used within its jurisdiction. The design approaches defined by Eurocode 7 are listed below and explained in more detail in Sections 6.3.1 to 6.3.3. The choices made by each country are discussed in Section 6.3.4. [en 1997-1 § note 1]

The table below shows which sets of partial factor are used in each design approach, depending on the type of structure being designed. In Design Approach 1, both Combinations must be checked.


Partial factor sets used in Design Approach ..

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