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Special/specific requirements

Materials and products -

Figure 15.2. Common contents of the geotechnical execution standards

Whether testing should remain within the scope of the execution standards following the publication of EN 22477 (which covers testing of geotechnical structures - see Chapter 4) is open to debate. There may, therefore, be some revision to the execution standards when they are next up for review.

The remainder of this chapter looks at the main features of the execution standards, as far as they concern the implementation of Eurocode 7.

15.2 Piles

As Figure 15.1 shows, there are three execution standards concerned with piles, as discussed in the following sub-sections.

15.2.1 Bored piles

Figure 15.3 summarizes the scope of EN 1536,3 which deals with the execution of bored piles, including bored piles constructed of plain concrete, concrete with bar reinforcement, concrete with special reinforcement (e.g. a steel section or tube), pre-cast concrete elements (with temporary casing or uncased), and steel tubes.

| Scope

-[ Normative references

|Deffnftionsj-•[ Needs for the construction of bored piles

-[specific requirements Sjte investigation")

cement aggregates water additions and admixtures materials for concrete and grout sampling and testing

V4 concrete ¡n Situ LU Materials and ino J v-' products

■I reinforcement


Scope of EN 1536 Execution of special geotechnical work — bored piles

■J concreting bentonite suspensions -polymers and other suspensions -

bentonite suspensions -polymers and other suspensions -


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