Annex K provides a method for deriving undrained strength cu from the ultimate load pult measured in plate load tests, based on simple bearing capacity theory:

Nc where y = the ground's weight density, z = the depth of the test, and Nc is a bearing capacity factor for a circular plate (Nc = 6 for tests conducted near the ground surface; and Nc = 9 for tests conducted down a borehole, at depths greater than four times the plate size).

The methods provided for deriving soil parameters from in situ tests are only examples and the designer should not be limited to these correlations. Where there are accepted and locally substantiated correlations or derivations based on empiricism or theoretical analysis these may be used within the context of the code.

4.7.6 Applicability of field tests to obtain parameters

EN 1997-2 provides guidance on the applicability of field investigation methods for determining geotechnical parameters, as summarized below.

Field test and abbreviation t Soil or rock type


Coarse soil

Fine soil

Standard penetration test

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