v516 y kN

Calculated shaft resistance

Number of cone penetration tests n = 4

Calculated shaft resistance R

f905 > 905 754

v905 y kN

Mean calculated shaft resistance Rs mean Minimum calculated shaft resistance R


I Rs

Calculated base resistance

Calculated base resistance Rb

f352 ^ 377 251

v377 y

Mean calculated base resistance Rb mean = Minimum calculated base resistance R

I Rb

Calculated total resistance

Mean calculated total resistance Rt,mean = Rs,mean + Rb,mean = 1206 kN Minimum calculated total resistance Rt min = Rs min + Rb min = 1005 kN

Characteristic resistance

Correlation factor on mean measured resistance Ç3 = 1.31 ©

Correlation factor on minimum measured resistance Ç4 = 1.20 © For a pile group that can transfer load from weak to strong piles (§, £ may be divided by 1.1 (but £3 cannot fall beneath 1.0).

0 0

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