Principles and Application Rules

A distinctive feature of the Structural Eurocodes is the separation of paragraphs into Principles and Application Rules (see Figure 2.4).

Design which employs the Principles and Application Rules is deemed to meet the requirements provided the assumptions given in EN 1990 to EN 1999 are satisfied. [en 1990 §1.3(1)]

Principles - identified by the letter 'P' after their paragraph numbers - are general statements and definitions that must be followed, requirements that must be met, and analytical models that must be used. The English verb that appears in Principles is 'shall'. [EN 1990 §1.4(2) & (3)]

Application Rules - identified by the absence of a letter after their paragraph numbers - are generally recognized rules that comply with the Principles and satisfy their requirements. English verbs that appear in Application Rules include 'may', 'should', 'can', etc. [en 1990 §1.4(4)]

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