Role of Eurocode in UK practice

A significant challenge facing each national standards body over the coming years is how to accommodate the Structural Eurocodes into its existing national standards.

Figure 1.8 illustrates how Eurocode 7 interacts with various documents commonly used in UK geotechnical practice. These include so-called 'residual standards', i.e. existing British Standards that do not conflict with Eurocode 7; de facto standards such as Highways Agency and CIRIA documents; and 'Published Documents' (PDs), which are 'supporting documents produced by committee for information only [and] includes guidance, reports, and recommendations'.18

European standards (ENs)

International standards (ISOs)

Execution of special geotechnioal works(s)

(9 others)

SN 12063: Sheet pile walls

EN 1538: Diaphragm walls

EN 1537: Ground anchors

EN 1536: Bored piles


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