Structural design

Embedded walls, and any supports they rely upon, must be verified against structural failure according to the provisions of Eurocodes 2 (for concrete),35 3 (for steel),36 5 (for timber),37 and 6 (for masonry).38 [EN 1997-1 §9.7.6(1)P]

Ultimate limit states that should be verified include failure in bending, shear, compression, tension, and buckling. The strength of the structure assumed in these verifications should be demonstrated to be compatible with the expected ground deformations. Reductions in strength owing to cracking of unreinforced concrete, rotation of plastic hinges in steel, or buckling of thin steel sections should also be considered in accordance with the appropriate structural Eurocode. [en 1997-1 §9.7.6(2), (3), and (4)]

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