Summary of key points

The credibility of the execution standards is evident from the following extract compiled from the forewords to the standards themselves:

'This [execution] standard has been drafted by a working group comprising delegates from [9-14] countries and against a backdrop of more than [7-30] pre-existing standards and codes of practice both national and international.'24

For some countries in Europe, the execution standards represent a valuable source of information and guidance not previously available in their national standards; in other countries, they are regarded as lowest-common-denominator codes that jeopardize good advice already available in national standards.

The UK's Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) has observed an improvement in the standard of piling and diaphragm walling works - and reduced conflict between contractor and designer on associated construction and detailing issues - since the introduction of ENs 1536 and 1538. However, despite being available for several years, these standards are not widely acknowledged by structural engineers, particularly with regard to reinforcement requirements.25

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