Summary of key points

There is some confusion about the way anchorages should be designed to Eurocode 7, owing no doubt to the design rules being developed partly by the committee responsible for EN 1997-1 and partly by the committee for the execution standard EN 1537.

A further complication is the planned introduction (discussed in Chapter 4) of a separate testing standard for anchorages, ISO EN 22477-5.16 Practitioners are nervous that the close relationship between design and testing of anchors will be at best diluted and at worst lost in the new arrangement.

The failure of Eurocode 7 Part 1 to recommend values for the correlation factors to be used to process the results of suitability tests means that, for the time being at least, ground anchorages can be designed solely on the basis of investigation and acceptance tests.

Revision of ENs 1997-1 and 1537 is already being discussed within their respective CEN technical committees and the reader is advised to wait for those revisions before designing anchorages to Eurocode 7.

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