Summary of key points

The design of piles to Eurocode 7 involves checking that the ground surrounding the piles has sufficient resistance to withstand compression, tension, and transverse actions at the ultimate limit state. Piles may be designed by static load testing (validated by calculation), by dynamic impact testing (validated by static load tests), or by calculation (validated by static load tests).

Verification of ultimate limit states of compression and tension is demonstrated by satisfying the inequalities:

(where the symbols are as defined earlier in this chapter). These equations are merely specific forms of:

Ed < Rd which is discussed at length in Chapter 6.

Verification of serviceability limit states (SLSs) is normally demonstrated implicitly by verification of the ultimate limit state.

The UK National Annex changes the correlation and partial resistance factors recommended in EN 1997-1 and links the latter to the type and amount of static load testing performed.

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