Summary of key points

The importance of the Structural Eurocodes to design practice across Europe during the first part of the 21st century cannot be overstated.

Never before have design standards for all the major construction materials (steel, concrete, timber, masonry, and aluminium) been changed at virtually the same time. In addition, in some disciplines, such as geotechnical and masonry engineering, the introduction of the Eurocodes signals a move to limit state design from more traditional (e.g. allowable stress) philosophies.

Figure 1.9 summarizes the benefits that the Eurocodes will bring to civil engineering design. They will increase the competitiveness of European companies in their world-wide activities, by providing common design criteria, a common understanding regarding the design of structures and a common basis for research and development in the construction sector; and they will allow the preparation of common design aids and software. Furthermore, they will facilitate the exchange of construction services and the marketing and use of structural components and kits.19

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