Characteristic actions Pu

Representative actions Fmn

Design actions

Verification of STR

weight density

Geometrical parameters / Nominal dimensions amm

Design dimensions ad

Material properties Characteristic material properties Xk strength

Design material properties K}

Structural analysis *

Structural analysis *

Figure 2.21. Overview of verification of strength

2.13.5 Verification of stability for limit state EQU

Figure 2.22 combines the earlier flow diagrams for limit state EQU. Destabilizing actions (characteristic ^ representative ^ design) are on the left; geometrical parameters (nominal ^ design) in the centre; and stabilizing actions (representative ^ design) on the right. The introduction of combination factors partial factors y, and tolerances Aa at appropriate points in this process is shown.

Structural analysis uses design actions (destabilizing and stabilizing) and design dimensions to determine destabilizing and stabilizing design effects of actions.

Limit state EQU is verified when destabilizing design effects are less than or equal to stabilizing design effects.

Verification of EQU

Characteristic sciions Fk weight densities

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