Design dimensions 3d

Calculation model

Material properties Characteristic'

material properties Xk strength

Design material properties Ks

>ufid test ults /

Test results Test results

Measured resistances R„, mean minimum

Lower resistance

Characteristic resistance Rl:

A further change from the flow-chart of Chapter 6 is the introduction of an explicit 'model factor' (YRd, applied to the calculation model) when designing piles by calculation. This topic is discussed at length in Section 13.8.

13.7.1 Partial factors

Partial factors for verification of the resistance of pile foundations are specified in Tables A.6-8 of EN 1997-1 and summarized in the table below. Most of these values are amended in the UK National Annex to BS EN 19971. Partial factors for actions are the same as for general foundations (see Chapter 6).


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