vi_25 y

v30.2 y

V0 y kPa

Design effective cohesion of backfill c'd =-=

UK NA to BS EN 1997-1 allows 9cvd to be selected directly. Here, take the

smaller of 9d and 9cv,k i.e. 9cv,d = min (d ' 9cv,k) For cast in place concrete k = 1

v30 y

Interface friction between backfill and wall is ôd = kx 9cv d =

Design shearing resistance of rock 9d fdn = tan

v30 y

Interface friction between rock and wall is ôd fdn = kx 9d fdn =

v33.9 y

Effects of actions

Active earth pressure coefficients (giving horizontal components of stress) (0.304^1 (0.2971 (0.942 1

v0.385 y

Partial factors from Sets From backfill:


vA2 y


1 v2 y v58.6 y m vertical thrust: pavd1 = vPahd1 x tan(e + ôd))

v44.4 y kN

moment about toe:

0 0

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