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A number of organizations are likely to be involved in the preparation of geotechnical reports:

• design consultant (structural or geotechnical)

• site investigation contractor

• main contractor

• specialist contractor

• design-and-build contractor.

Although this list may not include all parties that might be involved in a construction project, we will use it to illustrate the potential changes that Eurocode 7 will have on the production of geotechnical reports.

The client is unlikely to be involved in the preparation of either the Ground Investigation Report (GIR) or the Geotechnical Design Report (GDR). However, in collaboration with the designer (who may of course be an in-house company), the client will specify which design standards and codes of practice must be used for the project.

Normally, it is the design consultant who determines the required level of geotechnical investigation for a project. If the designer is not a geotechnical specialist, he or she should engage the services of a suitably qualified and experienced geotechnical engineer, especially since (as discussed in Chapter 2) EN 1990 assumes that:

the choice of the structural system and the design of the structure is made by appropriately qualified and experienced personnel. [en 1990 §1.3(2)]

On many small- to medium-sized projects, the GIR will be prepared by the site investigation contractor, while the designer will produce the GDR. If the design consultant is not a geotechnical specialist, the project's success relies even more heavily on the site investigation contractor's expertise in evaluating the field and laboratory test data and selecting suitable derived values of ground parameters.

On large projects and where the design consultant has considerable geotechnical expertise, production of the GIR may become a joint effort between the site investigation contractor (whose role may be limited to presenting the data) and the designer (who would then evaluate that data and determine derived values from it).

It is very unlikely that a site investigation contractor will be in a position to write the GDR, owing to the detailed knowledge of the proposed design that is required by that report. Furthermore, at the time the site investigation contractor is employed on most projects, design loadings (actions) are often not known - another essential ingredient of the GDR.

Main contractors and their sub-contractors are not usually involved in the preparation of geotechnical reports, except under design-and-build contracts where the detailed design is their responsibility.

Specialist contractors (for example, piling companies) often take design responsibility for their works. They will invariably be responsible for producing those parts of the project's overall GDR that relate to their specialist contribution.

Finally, the client will be made aware of monitoring and maintenance requirements of the GDR and will be responsible for taking appropriate measures to comply with those requirements.

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