Eurocode 7 Worked Examples

The worked examples in this chapter consider the design of a pad footing on dry sand (Example 10.1); the same footing but eccentrically loaded (Example 10.2); a strip footing on clay (Example 10.3); and, for the same footing, verification of the serviceability limit state (Example 10.4).

Specific parts of the calculations are marked O, ©, ©, etc., where the numbers refer to the notes that accompany each example.

10.10.1 Pad footing on dry sand

Example 10.1 considers the design of a simple rectangular spread footing on dry sand, as shown in Figure 10.9. It adopts the calculation method given in

Annex D of EN 1997-1.

Eccentrically Loaded Footings

In this example it is assumed that ground

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