Worked examples

The worked examples in this chapter look at a concrete pile driven into clay and sand (Example 13.1); the same pile designed to the UK National Annex to EN 1997-1 (Example 13.2); the analysis of static load tests for the Emirates Stadium in London (Example 13.3); the use of cone penetration tests to design a continuous flight auger pile in gravel (Example 13.4); and the design of driven piles to a specified set using a pile driving formula (Example 13.5).

Specific parts of the calculations are marked O, ©, ©, etc., where the numbers refer to the notes that accompany each example.

13.14.1 Concrete pile driven into clay and sand

Example 13.1 looks at the design of a concrete pile that is to be driven through 8m of medium strength sandy CLAY into a medium dense gravelly SAND, as shown in Figure 13.18.

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