YG, favYc

The groupings of factors that appear in these equations are summarized below with their values for each of Eurocode 7's Design Approaches.

Figure 9.5 compares the stability numbers required to achieve the reliability demanded by each Design Approach. The diagram is drawn for a 1:3 slope with ru = 0.5 and is directly analogous to Figure 9.4.

The curve for Design Approach 1 (DA1) has two distinct segments that join at = 11 °. For > 11 the value of Nk is controlled by Combination 2 and the slope has an equivalent global factor of safety F = 1.25 (= y9). For < 11°, the value of Nk is controlled by Combination 1 and the global safety factor increases from F = 1.25 at = 11° to F = 1.35 as ^ 0°. The safety factor jumps in value to F = 1.4 when = 0 ° since yc is replaced by Ycu in the expression for Nk.

Individual partial Design Approach

factor or partial factor 'grouping'
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