Actuator Placement Strategy

1. Place sensors at all accessible degrees of freedom.

2. Based on engineering experience, technical requirements, and physical constraints select possible actuator locations. In this way, S candidate actuator locations are selected.

3. For each mode (k) and each selected actuator location (i), determine the actuator placement index <rk (i).

4. For each mode select the s1 most important actuator locations (those with the largest <rk (i)). The resulting number of actuators s2 for all the modes under consideration (i.e., s2 < n x s1) is much smaller than the number of candidate locations S, i.e., s2 S.

5. Check the correlation indices for the remaining s2 actuators. Reject all but one actuator with a correlation index higher than 1-s (i.e., those with the zero membership index). The resulting number of actuators is now s3<s2, typically s3 s2.

6. If the already small number s3 is still too large, the actuator importance index and the modal importance index are recalculated. The actuator number is further reduced to the required one by reviewing the indices.

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