E J Hearn

t Relevant Standards for use in Great Britain: BS 1991; PD 5686: Other useful SI Guides: The International System of Units, N.P.L. Ministry of Technology, H.M.S.O. (Britain). Mechty, The International System of Units (Physical Constants and Conversion Factors), NASA, No SP-7012, 3rd edn. 1973 (U.S.A.) Metric Practice Guide, A.S.T.M.Standard E380-72 (U.S.A.).

1. §23.27. Dr. A. S. Tooth, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

2. §26 D. N. Walker and Mr. R. Winters, City of Birmingham Polytechnic.

3. §24.4 Dr M. Daniels, University of Central England.

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