(b) For this part of the question the load on the cantilever is such that yielding has progressed to a depth of 25 mm over the lower part of the web. It has been shown in ยง3.4 that whilst plastic penetration proceeds, the N.A. of the section moves and is always positioned by the rule:

compressive force above N.A. = tensile force below N.A.

Thus if the partially plastic N.A. is positioned a distance y above the extremity of the yielded area as shown in Fig. 3.39, the forces exerted on the various parts of the section may be established (proportions of the stress distribution diagram being used to determine the various values of stress noted in the figure).

Force on yielded area F\ = stress x area

Force on elastic portion of web below N.A.

F2 = average stress x area

225 x 106

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