With reference to §9.10, the structural stiffness matrix can now be assembled using a dof. correspondence table. The order of the structural stiffness matrix will be 8 x 8, corresponding to four nodes, each having 2 dof. The dof. sequence, u\, u2, uy, v\, v2, V}, adopted for the convenience of inverting matrix [A], covered in §9.9, can be converted to the more usual sequence, i.e. m, vi, u2, v2, «3, «3, with the aid a dof. correspondence table. Whilst this re-sequencing is optional, the converted sequence is likely to result in less rearrangement of rows and columns, prior to partitioning the assembled stiffness matrix, than would otherwise be needed.

If row and column interchanges are to be avoided in solving the following Example, 9.7, and therefore save some effort, then the dof. labelling of Fig. 9.46 is recommended. This implies the final node numbering, also shown.

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