2 (R\-R2p) i.e. the radial pressure at the elastic interface is

Thus from eqns. (3.29) and (3.30) the stresses in the plastic zone are given by r 1


The pressure required for complete plastic "collapse" of the cylinder is given by eqn. (3.29) when r โ€” Ri and Rp = R2 with P^ โ€” P2 = 0 (at the outside edge).

For "collapse"

With a knowledge of this collapse pressure the design pressure can be determined by dividing it by a suitable load factor as described in ยง3.8. The pressure at initial yield is found from eqn. (3.31) when Rp โ€” R\, i.e.

Finally, the internal pressure required to cause yielding to a radius Rp is given by eqn. (3.32) when r = R\, i.e.

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