Voct rad (radian) m (metre) mm (millimetre) m2 m3

s (second)


m m4



Deviatoric stress

Deviatoric strain

Hydrostatic or mean stress

Volumetric strain

Stress concentration factor

Strain energy



Radius of curvature

Photoelastic material fringe value

Number of fringes

Body force stress

Radius of gyration Slenderness ratio Gravitational acceleration Cartesian coordinates Cylindrical coordinates Eccentricity

Number of coils or leaves of spring Equivalent J or effective polar moment of area

Autofrettage pressure Radius of elastic-plastic interface Thick cylinder radius ratio RĂ¯/R\ Ratio elastic-plastic interface radius to internal radius of thick cylinder Rp/R\

Resultant stress on oblique plane Normal stress on oblique plane Shear stress on oblique plane Direction cosines of plane Direction cosines of line of action of resultant stress

Direction cosines of line of action of shear stress

Components of resultant stress on oblique plane

Shear stress in any direction <p on oblique plane

Invariants of stress

Invariants of reduced stresses Airy stress function

Rp K

SI Unit N/m2


0 0

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