Fv Rd > l,2Fb Rd and

FvRd > l,2FnRd

Screws loaded in tension:

Pull-through resistance: 2)

Pull-through resistance: 2)

- for screws subject to repeated wind loads : ^pr,Rd = 0,5dwr/u/7M2 Pull-out resistance:

*o,Rd = °>65 d 'sup/ii,sup1TM2 Tension resistance:

Tension resistance Ft Rd to be determined by testing. Conditions:

Generally: ex > 3d px > 3d 3,0mm < d < 8,0mm e2 > 1,5d p2 > 3d

For tension: 0,5 mm < t < 1,5 mm and tx > 0,9 mm

In this table it is assumed that the thinnest sheet is next to the head of the screw.

2) These values assume that the washer has sufficient rigidity to prevent it from being deformed appreciably or pulled over the head of the fastener.

3) Self-tapping screws may be used beyond this range of validity if the resistance is determined from the results of tests in accordance with Section 9.

Table 8.3: Design resistances for cartridge fired pins

Pins loaded in shear:

Bearing resistance:

*b,Rd = 3>2/urfr/7M2 Net-section resistance:

*n,Rd = AntJu^Ml Shear resistance: Shear resistance Fv Rd to be determined by testing.


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