(2) The tension resistance of an angle connected through one leg, or other types of section connected through outstands, should be determined as specified in ENV 1993-1-1.

5.3 Axial compression

(1)P The design compression resistance of a cross-section Nc Rd shall be determined from the following: - if its effective area Acff is less than its gross area Ag :

^c,Rd - /yb^W TMI if its effective area Aeff is equal to its gross area Ag :



^ya fyb is the effective area of the cross-section, obtained from Section 4 by assuming a uniform compressive stress acom Ed equal to /y5/7M1 ;

is the average yield strength, see 3.1.2.

is the basic yield strength.

(2)P The internal axial force in a member shall be taken as acting at the centroid of its gross cross-section.

(3)P The resistance of a cross-section to axial compression shall be assumed to act at the centroid of its effective cross-section. If this does not coincide with the centroid of its gross cross-section, the shift eN of the centroidal axes (see figure 5.1) shall be taken into account, using the method given in 5.6.

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