bR is the corrugation width [185 mm maximum];

bj is the width of the sheeting flange through which it is fastened to the purlin.

Ka indicates a steel saddle washer as shown below with t > 0,75 mm

Sheet fastened:

- through the trough:

- through the crest:

The values in this table are valid for:

sheet fastener screws of diameter: </> = 6,3 mm; steel washers of thickness: rw > 1,0 mm; sheeting of nominal core thickness: t > 0,66 mm.

10.2 Liner trays restrained by sheeting 10.2.1 General

(1) Liner trays should be large channel-type sections, with two narrow flanges, two webs and one wide flange, generally as shown in figure 10.8. The two narrow flanges should be laterally restrained by attached profiled steel sheeting.

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