is is the notional flat width of a plane element;

the relevant buckling factor from table 4.1 or 4.2;

the largest calculated compressive stress in that element, when the resistance of the cross-section is reached.

A.6.3 Characteristic values A.6.3.1 General

(1) Characteristic values may be determined statistically, provided that there are at least 4 test results. NOTE: A larger number is generally preferable, particularly if the scatter is relatively wide.

(2) If the number of test results available is 3 or less, the method given in A.6.3.3 may be used.

(3) The characteristic minimum value should be determined using the following provisions. If the characteristic maximum value or the characteristic mean value is required, it should be determined by using appropriate adaptations of the provisions given for the characteristic minimum value.

(4) The characteristic value of a resistance Rk determined on the basis of at least 4 tests may be obtained from:


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