bp is the notional flat width of plane element shown in figure 4.6;

bs is the stiffener width, measured around the perimeter of the stiffener, see figure 4.6;

£w is a coefficient that allows for partial rotational restraint of the stiffened flange by the webs or other adjacent elements, see (5) and (6);

0,5beff 0,5beff

0,5b 2,eft 0,5biteff m

/ bp,1 br bp,2 | br I bpj \ # (<->|< >|<---->|< >|<->| 1

Figure 4.6: Compression flange with one, two or three stiffeners

(3) For two symmetrically placed flange stiffeners, the elastic critical buckling stress acr s should be obtained from:

4>2 kvE

As M

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