Figure 3.2: Angles with holes in both legs

(7)P In a built-up member where the critical chains of holes in each component part do not correspond with the critical chain of holes for the member as a whole, the resistances of any fasteners joining the parts between such chains of holes shall be taken into account in determining the resistance of the member.

NOTE: No general rules can be given for continuously perforated members because the resistance is influenced by the form and pattern of the perforations.

3.3.4 Influence of rounded corners

(1)P In cross-sections with rounded corners, the notional flat widths bp of the plane elements shall be measured from the midpoints of the adjacent corner elements as indicated in figure 3.3.

(2)P In cross-sections with rounded corners, the calculation of section properties shall be based upon the actual geometry of the cross-section.

a) midpoint of corner or bend

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