(d) Modelling of fastener behaviour

Fastener behaviour is modelled by a series of linear springs along the A' interface

(d) Modelling of fastener behaviour where Kser is the slip modulus per shear plane per fastener at the serviceability limit state (SLS) and the value of this property for different fastener types is obtained from Table 10.13.

The analysis used in EC5 incorporates the following assumptions:

(a) The member is pin jointed at each end.

(b) The spacing between the fasteners is constant or varies uniformly in accordance with the shear force distribution between smin and smax, with smax < 4smin, where s is the fastener spacing.

Some of the section profiles commonly used for built-up columns are shown in Figure 8.4.

8.4.1 The effective bending stiffness of built-up sections about the strong (y-y) axis

The effective bending stiffness of columns with the profiles shown in Figures 8.2a-8.4f when bent about the y-y axis will be obtained from:

0 0

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